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Baluster Repair Service

At Stairworks, we provide baluster repair services to help homeowners and contractors. Have us repair your baluster.

Professional Baluster Repair

Balusters are one of the most common parts of a staircase to break. Whether the damage is from moving furniture or is the result of kids' roughhousing, repairing your baluster is vital to your home's safety. Many people who contact us are looking for their balusters to be replaced and match the original balusters. This can be possible, but many times we need to perform a full baluster replacement in order for your stairs to meet safety codes.

Our baluster repair services take care of a variety of problems, such as loose or broken balusters, chips or fractures, and structural flaws that jeopardize the stability of your railing system. We are aware that damage to the balusters can compromise your staircase and endanger the safety of both residents and guests. For this reason, we provide quality repairs to ensure your staircase maintains its appearance while remaining functional.

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Don't leave your baluster damaged and broken waiting to result in an injury. Have us repair and replace your balusters so your stairway looks beautiful again.

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