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Horizontal Bar Rail Options

At Stairworks, we provide horizontal bar rails as an option to homeowners and contractors. View our traditional baluster options.

Professional Horizontal Bar Rail Installation

Horizontal bar rail is a modern take on staircase architecture, offering a sleek and fashionable touch to any area as a replacement for conventional balusters. At Stairworks we have had the opportunity to provide this railing design to builders, designers, and homeowners who want to give their stairs a more contemporary makeover.

Horizontal Bar Rail's Modern Appeal

The Horizontal Bar Rail gives staircases a sleek, contemporary appearance. Its simple, clean lines improve the overall aesthetics of your room. Depending on your home's overall interior design, you may get a modern industrial atmosphere or a clean and classy mood. Many people who enjoy the cable rail appearance have been considering the horizontal bar rail as an option.

Horizontal Bar Safety Issues To Be Aware Of

The Horizontal Bar Rail was historically forbidden because of safety issues. Modern codes now allow homeowners and builders to consider it an option for stairs. Horizontal bars can pose a threat to small children who like to climb. This risk can lead to a major fall hazard if your child climbs the horizontal rails.

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Ready to try out the sleek, modern design of a horizontal bar rail on your staircase? Contact us at Stairworks to learn more about this option. Allow us to assist you in designing your staircase so that it radiates both classic charm and contemporary refinement.

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